Modernist Bronze Sculpture
Jo Niemeyer - DAN II (yellow-black)

vordemberge-gilderwart-composition-41Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart

Composition No.41, 1927
(Geometric Composition black, red and yellow)

Color screen print.
Borderless printing in format 60.5 x 59.5 cm.
Undated – Printed Posthumously in 1970

Purchased from Elke Rehder Collection, Germany

Vordemberge-Gildewart, born 1899, died 1962 in Ulm. This is presumably a proof aside from the numbered edition of 100 copies of 10 proofs (silkscreen) for works from different periods of his career. Edited by Eugen Gomringer. Stuttgart-Bonlanden Edition Domberger 1970

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