About the art gallery

Modernist Icon is a private art collection and art gallery based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The aim of its director is to collect and share a body of work based on the principles of Modernism along side Contemporary work from the mid 20th century to today. As of now, we are open by appointment only. We’d planned to open in early 2020 to the public – but, we all know what happened there. So just reach out if a piece speaks to you and we will see what we can do!

The art collection started with a focus on Neo-Plasticism, De Stijl and their contemporary influences throughout the world. Visual works and sculpture are heavily based on pure, mostly non-objective Geometric Abstraction. The collection has spilled over into the realms of contemporary glass art, modern ceramics, and a lofty collection of electronics inspired by space age design.

The ModernistIcon Art collection often lends pieces out for curatorial purposes. Introducing, educating and drawing distinct lines of reference between modern and contemporary visual art and design through pieces – which at their core – were produced to live in the shadow of pop culture and go against the recognized trends and “norms” of everyday society. We welcome questions or comments.

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Ethnographic Art too?

Works from native and indigenous people around the world are astounding for the underlining use of geometric abstraction. Australian aboriginal carvings, textiles, Songye Kifwebe masks, even Asian decorative objects and the like have been in existence long before the birth of Western ideals of Modernism and geometric abstraction. We enjoy the play that these objects make when put into context with fine and contemporary art for these reasons.

Why so much Space Age?

Because we like it! Although we often sell them. They are fun pieces of historical design but, not our main focus.

We enjoy this off-shoot of design so highly inspired and influenced by specific events in modern history. Read more about the collection and about Space Age electronics on a recent Contemporist Icon article.

Ilya Bolotowsky, Untitled Column, 1964 - Bryce Hudson's Modernisticon Collection

Other Selections from the Art Collection