Modernist Bauhaus Teapot
Russel Wright Dishware set in Granite Grey

oxfordware-1930-pitcher-setUniversal Potteries

ca. 1920s – 1930s

Universal Pottery and Oxfordware Pottery merged in the early 20th century. The tops of the pitchers with stoppers have cork to hold them in place.

There were many Universal designs – they came about at the time when food itself could be stored easier with the introduction of refrigeration methods moving into the home. Most designs were very utilitarian – lidded plates, butter dishes and the like that were meant to be used. This is why they are very rare to find now in good shape – one almost never runs across one of these pitchers in fine condition. They don’t look like it, but they are nearly a century old!

Like Hall – which was also American made – these items were considered Stoneware which was fired at much higher temperatures rendering it much more durable and not easily chipped or broken.

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Individual Oxfordware Views

Left to right:
Disk Pitcher
Standard Pitcher
Angular Pitcher

Acquired at various locations around the US