Heywood Wakefield China Cabinet

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This Mid-Century Modern Heywood-Wakefield Kneehole desk.
Circa 1954, encompasses the streamlined appearance and sleek, uncluttered, clean lines that Mid Century designers wished to emulate. This simplicity of the line design is what makes mid-century modern furnishings relevant in today’s homes, whether in a traditional or modern setting.

Constructed out of solid maple and in the original champagne finish (also came in wheat color), the Heywood-Wakefield M320 kneehole desk features straight-lined patterns, a full-length drawer across the top that has interior wooden dividers, steam bent drawer fronts that have the original modern wooden handles, a deep file drawer on the left, and a solid wood finished back so it does not necessarily have to sit against a wall. The Heywood-Wakefield Solid Maple Kneehole Has the original Heywood-Wakefield label, measures, 30.00 inches H X 49.50 inches W X 24.00 inches D, and is in the original champagne finish with far less than appropriate wear for its age.

And although Heywood-Wakefield is regarded for its mid century modern style, the birth of Heywood-Wakefield “Modern” furniture traces its roots back to 1826 when Walter Heywood began fashioning simple wooden chairs in a small barn adjacent to his father’s farm in Gardner, Massachusetts. Brothers, Levi, Seth, Benjamin and William, soon joined Walter, constructing the chairs largely by hand and a foot lathe. The chairs were a hit and soon afterward began selling in increased quantities.

Their business flourished and by the late 1800’s the Heywood Brothers Company was producing a large variety of afulltable.com furniture. They absorbed their biggest acquisition when they purchased Cyrus Wakefield’s Wakefield Rattan Company, eventually changing the name to Heywood-Wakefield Company. Heywood-Wakefield Company was the king of wicker and rattan furniture well into the 20th century, having nearly completely dominated this field in the second half of the 19th century.

By the time Heywood-Wakefield introduced its “Modern” furniture line in the 1930’s, the company had many illustrious years creating top quality furniture. The progressive group of designers in the 1930’s introduced the modern furniture line- strong solid birch wood constructed with aerodynamic lines and light blond color. This style dominated their “Golden Age” from 1936 – 1966.