Post Modern Tea Set
Blue Oxfordware Pitcher Set

Modernist Bauhaus Teapot - Cowan AttributionCowan

Modernist Black and White teapot (we also have an all black one). Bauhaus or Memphis Milano post modernist in style. I have several of these, they’re perfect to set around on top of a stack of books or with a set of other modern ceramics. They are, however, a complete mystery. No one (on the internet anyway) knows for sure their origins. They come up from time to time at auction and go for a nice amount – yet – Treadway Auctions decided to attribute the piece to “Cowan” and everyone – myself included – has followed suit.

Bauhaus style form in white glazed ceramic with black lid, unsigned, 7.25″w x 6″h, mint condition
Our all black with black lid is in mint condition as well. I have only seen a matching mug in all black in my many searches to find out more about this piece. If you know anything more, please do contact us.