Blue Oxfordware Pitcher Set

russel-wright-american-modern-set-in-granite-greyAmerican Modern Serving placement for 10 in color Granite Grey
Russel Wright
Stubenville – Mid 20th Century (not new or reproduction)

In granite Grey, this set I have been building for a number of years often selling off slightly less perfect pieces and acquiring ones in more mint-condition. There are more pieces in this set – we just haven’t gotten around to photographing them yet!

Russel Wright’s method of design came from the belief that the table was the center of the home. Designing in layers from there outwards, he designed tableware to larger furniture, architecture to landscaping, all according to his concept of easy, informal living. It was through his immensely popular and widely distributed housewares and furnishings that he revolutionized the way Americans lived and organized their homes in the mid 20th century.

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Russel Wright - American Modern

The entire collection